Providing benefits to your employees for tomorrow… today

We assist HR directors and brokers with the job of offering quality benefits to all employees in the most efficient manner utilizing state of the art software and technology.


  • Through strategic partnership agreements, we have access to a variety of enrollment services.
  • We format and handle all data.
  • We educate and communicate proficiently with employees on both core and supplemental benefits.
  • We provide continued support to all new hires.
  • With increased participation, more employees participate which means more commissions along with increased company profitability.

Voluntary Benefits

Companies with 3 or more employees who need enrollment across multiple states with compatible coverage.

Disability Insurance

Enables our clients to offer supplemental short-term and long-term income insurance.

Life Insurance

With 3 types of life insurance, whole, universal and term life its essential to know which one is right.

Long Term Care Insurance

When planning for retirement choosing the wrong plan can have a detrimental effect later in years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for your company’s services?

No.  We enroll and service your account and receive commissions from the insurance company.  No fees are charged to you.

Will my employees be interested in your programs?

Twenty one years of experience has shown that employees are interested in protecting their families and will participate.

Why would an employer want to sponsor supplemental benefits?

You can increase your company’s benefits menu at no cost to the company. You also will improve employee morale and will be more attractive when hiring new personnel.


My company and my employees have benefited tremendously from the knowledge and help Custom Benefits Technologies has provided. By offering my employees a compensation package composed of both wages and health insurance, not only are my workers happier and producing more, I have found this package is more profitable to the company than wages alone.
Thomas D.

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Providing Benefits To Employees

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We know Money

Along with leadership qualities we confront issues and move swiftly which makes money in the end.

Higher Standards

In order to stay on top of the industry, we are always up to date on tech and product offerings.

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