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Is there any charge for your company's services?

No.  We enroll and service your account and receive commissions from the insurance company.  No fees are charged to you.

Will my employees be interested in your programs?
Twenty one years of experience has shown  that employees are interested in protecting their families and will participate.
Why would an employer want to sponsor supplemental benefits?
You can increase your company’s benefits menu at no cost to the company.  You also will improve employee morale and will be more attractive when hiring new personnel.
Do we need 75% participation to have a plan – like health insurance?
No.  We only need 3 applications to have a case.
Can we have the benefits paid for on a pre-tax basis?
Yes.  You may offer these benefits either pre or post tax.  Life insurance must be offered post tax only.
Will I be calling the Insurance Company on service issues?
You can; however, you may call our office for all service issues.
Will supplemental benefits be offered to new employees after the initial enrollment?
Yes.  We can see them in mid year or at the next open enrollment.


How can I establish a new profit center with my current accounts?
Show HR how to more efficiently present and enroll benefits and in the process establish a new profit center through voluntary benefits.
Would I have to do any of the work?
No.  Custom Benefit Technologies will do it all.
How would I get paid?
You would receive the Brokerage commissions 20 to 25% of premium.   All you need is a life and health insurance license.
Why would my clients want to use Custom Benefit Technologies?
We will save them time and money by using technology that they do not have to pay for to improve the efficiency of their benefit enrollments.



What other benefits of using Custom Benefit Technologies are there for my clients?
We will educate their employees to make more informed choices and by doing so increase participation in company sponsored benefits.



How else will bringing in Custom Benefit Technologies help my practice?
You will have helped solve some of your clients most difficult problems and will thus be even more valuable.
Are there any tax benefits to bringing in Custom Benefit Technologies?
Yes.  By increasing participation in pre tax benefits the company will save additional money by paying less FICA taxes.



Can you handle multi state accounts?
Yes.  We can use technology and our enrollment system to handle multi state cases.
Is there a cost for your services for my clients?
No cost to your clients – we provide the man power and the ben admin system
Will you help me at point of sale?
 Yes  We will go with you to present to HR and/or decision makers. We will show them how to save time and money by handling their benefits enrollments more efficiently.
Do you supply the ben admin system?
Yes.  We can enroll core as well as voluntary benefits.
How do you get paid?
 We get an override on certain voluntary benefits vendors and get a piece of the brokerage on others.  You keep all commissions on all core benefits.
What if my client already has a ben admin system?
We can work with their system and supply enrollment support
Can you provide support after the enrollment?
Yes  We can educate HR on how to use our ben admin system so they can do the onboarding themselves.
How do you increase my compensation?
We will get in front of all employees, thus increasing participation we will also educate employees which will also increase participation.
How will you strengthen my relationship with my current accounts?
We will become a valuable addition to HR at no cost to ownership.
How will you help me to get larger accounts?
Technology is the key to getting larger accounts.  With CBT at your side you will be able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

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