Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care is the need for assistance with everyday tasks over an extended period of time. It is usually not due to a medical issue therefore not covered by health insurance. Most people have no idea as to the importance of long-term care insurance and how important it is to plan for retirement. As life expectancy increases so does the need for long-term care to be put in place. Research shows that of all people over the age of 65, 70% will need long-term care.

Should one choose to purchase long-term care insurance it is important to know all the options and there is a broad range. Choosing the wrong plan can have a detrimental effect later in years.

Let us help you provide your clients/employees peace of mind and financial security. We will provide you with a complete benefit administration system and help you and your clients/employees during the entire process. We can schedule one on ones and thoroughly educate them so they can make the right decision when purchasing. We do the entire set-up, will enroll all of the benefits and format the data before forwarding to the carriers. We have co-browsing backups and offer a call center as well.

Contact us today. By helping you, you can help your clients and or employees.

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