Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are insurance plans and packages that are similar to employer-paid group plans. The difference being they enable employers to offer the same coverage at the group rates at little or no extra cost. Voluntary benefit plans include; dental, vision, life and disability insurance. These benefits, when offered by employers, can be more affordable than if the individual tries to purchase outside the company.

Over the years there has been an increasing demand for employers and customers to provide superior service while increasing administrative responsibilities. Custom Benefits Technologies have raised the bar to accommodate these changes. Because the competition is great we continue to lead the way by providing better administrative services and solutions with easier processes. We enable full broker commissions on all voluntary products, we set up enrollment, data transfer, and can set-up one on ones with your clients. As an added plus we have a call center and co-browsing back-up.

We go beyond the norm and work directly and passionately with each and every client. We will switch to new carriers if it is necessary to improve our client’s situations. We take the burden off of our employers 100% while enabling them to offer the best plans to their employees.


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